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Photos of our Apartments in 98424

A peaceful day-to-day in a charming community—if that’s what your ideal lifestyle sounds like, then Sitka Heights Apartments is perfect for you. Thoughtful amenities and a friendly staff are waiting to welcome you to our apartments in the 98424 ZIP code. Browse the gallery to see more of them!

Apartments in Fife, WA

Our apartments in Fife, WA, can be your cozy haven. Some of the pictures in our gallery look like they’re ripped from a fantasy book—but they’re as real as they come. Sitka Heights is surrounded by a forested hillside where the rustle of trees and the warm light create a soothing atmosphere. You can feel its effect as you spend time on the premises, watching the little ones jump around on the playground or checking your car on the reserved parking spot. The furry companions also love it here, as they have plenty of nooks to sniff and discover. It’s the ideal setting for a carefree lifestyle out in the sun.

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